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Four Financial Tips Your Divorce Attorney Wants You to Know

  • 26
  • February

Nobody wants to think about the likelihood of a divorce on their big day, but the fact is that a sobering 40%-50% of marriages in the United States end up in divorce court. While the emotional scars from divorce are hard to escape, the financial scars are not. You can help yourself (and your divorce attorney) avoid them by following the four tips listed below.

First and foremost, know what you have. Assets acquired during a marriage get divided according to state laws regulating property splits. The assets that you do not know about could very well end up being the assets that you do not get a part of if they are not listed in your divorce settlement.

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When Should You Intervene in Domestic Violence

  • 19
  • February

Domestic violence is a problem many people face, including friends and neighbors. While it is horrid to be a witness to someone else’s bad situation, it often happens that witnesses to the abuse are the only individuals with the strength and ability to intervene. When should you intervene, and what should you do?

A Time To Intervene

These are times when it is appropriate to seek legal intervention in someone else’s domestic issues.

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Premarital Agreements: What You Should Know

  • 12
  • February

Premarital Agreements are becoming more and more common in today’s world. There are many reasons for choosing to have a premarital agreement. Here are some things you should know about them.

They Don’t Mean There Is A Lack Of Trust In Your Relationship

One reason people are cautious about a premarital agreement is that they feel it means they either don’t trust their spouse to be or their spouse to be does not trust them. This is simply not true. A premarital agreement helps make sure that financial matters and child care issues are on paper so that both parties are protected from outside involvement in case of a separation. It also helps to make sure that decisions are made at a time when no party is overly emotional.

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A Divorce Attorney Advises How To Help Your Children When Going Through a Divorce

  • 5
  • February

Divorce is something that has touched everyone’s life in some way. When divorce occurs in a child’s life, it can be a traumatic and confusing time. There are steps you can take to minimize the stress and provide a reassuring environment for your children.

An honest discussion helps children understand the situation. If possible, talk to your children together. Take into consideration the age and maturity of each child to determine how to approach the conversation. Whether you and your spouse discuss your decision together or separately, agree on what you plan to say before you sit down with your children. Doing so will help ensure you won’t contradict each other or make promises impossible to keep. For example, your child may assume your decision is temporary, and you and your spouse will eventually get back together. It is important not to say anything that encourages that belief and imparts a false hope to the child.

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Woman initially ruled a surrogate wins right to seek custody

  • 25
  • October

In the majority of cases, regardless of whether she gives birth in California or another state, when a woman acts as a surrogate mother for another person or couple, she does not typically have any parental rights for the child she carries. There are some situations where a woman may retain certain rights, but in those cases, they often sign surrogacy agreements relinquishing those rights before the birth. For some same-sex couples, however, surrogacy laws and arrangements can become somewhat complicated.

According to reports, a woman in Nevada recently won the right to pursue seeking child custody for a child that she gave birth to. A lower court had initially denied her petition for custody on the basis that she was only a surrogate. The woman reportedly carried and gave birth to the child, but the child was conceived through the implantation of one of her partner’s eggs, which had been fertilized by an anonymous donor.

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