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Sheriff rounds up group of parents late on child support

  • 22
  • April

When two parents make the decision to end their marriage, the custody agreement for their children will be decided in their divorce documents. Part of this agreement is the amount of child support that the parent who does not have custody of the children in California will pay to support the children over the years. This amount may be based on several different factors, but failure to make regular payments of child support is against the law, and may result in fines or jail time for the parent.

Recently, a county Sheriff made the decision to arrest several parents who were consistently behind on child support in the county. Although the amount of child support owed for each parent arrested is not known, all who were arrested directly violated court orders by not making regular payments.

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Mother granted custody despite immigration status

  • 18
  • April

Court cases for child custody don’t always involve two parents fighting for their child or children. At times, a grandparent in California may feel that they are better suited for raising the child, and may sue the parent(s) for custody of the child(ren). A judge will consider many factors in a child custody case before deciding whom the child will be happier with, and who will care for the child better.

After a lower court granted custody of a four-year-old girl to her paternal grandparents with the reasoning and that the mother was not in the country legally, an appeals court reversed the decision and gave custody of the little girl back to her mother. The grandparents felt they were best suited to raise the girl, possibly because she had been raised in their home until her mother broke up with her boyfriend, who is their son. The son was not involved in the custody case.

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If you earn more than your spouse, protect your assets

  • 12
  • April

When a couple in San Bernardino decides to get married, there are several things they should agree upon. How they want to raise their children, if they even want children, and how their life goals coincide should all be discussed. One extremely important factor that all couples should talk about before marriage is finances. And if one spouse earns a substantially higher income than the other, or is bringing other assets to the table, that could necessitate a discussion about a prenuptial agreement.

Drawing up a prenup is not meant to be a tactic to shield your soon-to-be spouse from benefiting from any of your assets — after all, you have decided to spend the rest of your lives together — but rather it is meant to protect you in a way that is fair should you decide to divorce down the road. Fortunately, a prenup and other techniques can allow you to safeguard what you would like to keep if you and your spouse split up.

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Why being the first to file can benefit you in your divorce

  • 4
  • April

When you are deciding when to file for divorce, there is some strategy involved. If you have decided that you want a divorce but have not filed yet, a recent article in Forbes offers a few things to consider.

If you file before your ex, there are several financial advantages that you will benefit from. First, you will have copies of all of your financial documents pulled together. This may seem like a minor benefit, but tracking down some of these statements is not always easy — especially if you have a spouse who keeps a tight rein on the finances.

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