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Does Valentine’s Day cause divorce?

  • 15
  • February

According to Avvo.com, 40 percent more people seek divorce advice on Feb. 15 than on Valentine’s Day. According to AttorneyFee.com, the number of people seeking attorney referrals or divorce advice jumps 38 percent on Feb. 15. Furthermore, AttorneyFee.com says that February has a divorce filing rate that is 18 percent higher than any other month. So what gives? Does Valentine’s Day drive already struggling couples to call it quits? Or is it just coincidence?

While there’s not much to go on aside from the increased number of people looking for legal advice, some experts in the field say it’s not far-fetched to point to Valentine’s Day as a factor. For couples who are already trying to navigate stormy waters, having to endure a day devoted to love and romance may be too much. Even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s almost impossible to avoid knowing it’s arrived.

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Californians not alone in custody battles: The stars do it too

  • 4
  • February

Reality television star Bethenny Frankel and husband have been in the media for years; formerly for their marriage in “Bethenny Ever After,” and now for their divorce. The two have been reported on as disagreeing on the terms of their divorce among other things. A few weeks after his wife filed for divorce, Jason Hoppy reacted with his own version of their divorce, requesting many of the same things that Frankel did in her papers, especially the custody of their daughter.

Californians have likely heard of the couple, and for those who have gone through a divorce of your own, you likely understand the pain that can come from having to go through the legal system to work out where your children will live. When parents disagree, however, working with an attorney who knows and understand family law may be able to help the process go more smoothly and for the parties to come to an agreement sooner.

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