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Jackson buys Ferrari, has wages garnished for owing child support

  • 17
  • October

For the most part, people can understand that parents in San Bernardino, or elsewhere, may occasionally be met with financial challenges that cause them to fall behind on their bills, including court ordered child support payments. In some cases, however, even without extenuating circumstances, a parent may fall behind.

Best known as a member of the Jackson 5, singer, Jermaine Jackson is reportedly not letting the fact that he owes child support affect his lifestyle. According to reports, Jackson recently traded in his Rolls-Royce and bought a 2009 Ferrari. It was not reported how much he owes in back child support, but the mother of Jackson’s children was purportedly granted a request for garnishment of Jackson’s wages on the same day he purchased his lavish new ride.

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Judge orders Blue Cross to pay woman owed child support

  • 17
  • September

In California, as well as in other states across the U.S., when a court orders a parent to make child support payments, it is expected that they comply. For any number of reasons, however, a parent may fall behind on their monthly payments. When this happens, the parent who is owed the payments may take legal action in order to get the back pay.

A woman in Illinois reportedly filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois when they declined her wage garnishment request. According to reports, the woman, claimed her ex-husband was routinely late with his child support payments, as well as often paying the wrong amount so she sent a request to Blue Cross Blue Shield. While in most cases, this type of request would go to a person’s employer, as a self-employed chiropractor, BCBS was her husband’s largest source of income. Blue Cross, however, reportedly did not feel they were subject to the Illinois state withholding law, which requires payers to withhold earnings when requested.

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Top deadbeat dad in California city is former sports star

  • 29
  • July

Americans are often fascinated with the lives of celebrities. From famous actors and actresses to athletes to politicians, people in California and throughout the rest of the country look for any detail regarding their personal lives. Although the person in the spotlight may hope the attention is for something positive, this is not always the case. Fans may lose respect for a person who is constantly making bad decisions, or breaks laws that symbolize integrity and honesty. With new ways of learning more about the stars, many Americans are getting a front room view into the lives of people they previously put on a pedestal.

After playing professional baseball for several teams and appearing in several episodes of a hit TV series, a former athlete was listed at the top of the list of those who owe back child support payments. It was determined that he owed $276,000 in back support to his two sons after he pleaded no contest in 2011 on charges that he failed to support his children.

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Prison time for dad accused of avoiding child support

  • 31
  • May

When two people make the decision to have a child, they also assume financial responsibility for that child, and are responsible for taking care of the child until they reach a certain age. If those two people divorce before the child is able to care for him or herself financially, an amount for child support may be determined by the court in order to guarantee that the parent who has custody of the child has the necessary means to properly care for them. Once this amount is set, the non-custodial parent is then legally responsible to make those payments to the custodial parent.

After relocating several times, both inside and outside of the country, to avoid making child support payments, the law finally caught up with a father who owed more than $1 million in back child support to the mother of his two children. Deadbeat parents who skip out on child support are now easily identified on a federal website created to help the law enforcement officials track them down and obtain the money owed for the care of their children.

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Sheriff rounds up group of parents late on child support

  • 22
  • April

When two parents make the decision to end their marriage, the custody agreement for their children will be decided in their divorce documents. Part of this agreement is the amount of child support that the parent who does not have custody of the children in California will pay to support the children over the years. This amount may be based on several different factors, but failure to make regular payments of child support is against the law, and may result in fines or jail time for the parent.

Recently, a county Sheriff made the decision to arrest several parents who were consistently behind on child support in the county. Although the amount of child support owed for each parent arrested is not known, all who were arrested directly violated court orders by not making regular payments.

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