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Woman initially ruled a surrogate wins right to seek custody

  • 25
  • October

In the majority of cases, regardless of whether she gives birth in California or another state, when a woman acts as a surrogate mother for another person or couple, she does not typically have any parental rights for the child she carries. There are some situations where a woman may retain certain rights, but in those cases, they often sign surrogacy agreements relinquishing those rights before the birth. For some same-sex couples, however, surrogacy laws and arrangements can become somewhat complicated.

According to reports, a woman in Nevada recently won the right to pursue seeking child custody for a child that she gave birth to. A lower court had initially denied her petition for custody on the basis that she was only a surrogate. The woman reportedly carried and gave birth to the child, but the child was conceived through the implantation of one of her partner’s eggs, which had been fertilized by an anonymous donor.

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Jackson buys Ferrari, has wages garnished for owing child support

  • 17
  • October

For the most part, people can understand that parents in San Bernardino, or elsewhere, may occasionally be met with financial challenges that cause them to fall behind on their bills, including court ordered child support payments. In some cases, however, even without extenuating circumstances, a parent may fall behind.

Best known as a member of the Jackson 5, singer, Jermaine Jackson is reportedly not letting the fact that he owes child support affect his lifestyle. According to reports, Jackson recently traded in his Rolls-Royce and bought a 2009 Ferrari. It was not reported how much he owes in back child support, but the mother of Jackson’s children was purportedly granted a request for garnishment of Jackson’s wages on the same day he purchased his lavish new ride.

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Judge rules death row inmate cannot seek visitation of child

  • 11
  • October

Regardless of whether or not a child’s mother and father have an amiable relationship, in most cases, both parents have rights when it comes to their child, the least of which is the ability to see and interact with them. For any number of reasons, however, a custodial parent may decide they do not want the other parent to see the child, which often prompts non-custodial parents throughout the Inland Empire, and the U.S., to take legal action to obtain visitation with their child.

A man in prison who was seeking access to his child reportedly had his request denied by a New York judge recently. The death row inmate was pursuing paternity action in order to seek court ordered visitation with his son. He and a female prison guard reportedly conceived the child during an inappropriate relationship they participated in between March and April of 2012.

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Economic recovery leads to increase in divorce rate

  • 4
  • October

Many readers in San Bernardino, and across California, are aware that additional or significant stresses, such as financial challenges, can put pressures on a marriage that could cause it to break down. As the financial crisis that swept across the U.S. in recent years affected couples, the same stresses that were causing them to fall apart where also forcing them to stay together.

According to reports, when housing prices dropped, many couples were forced to stay together because divorcing was not financially feasible. The recovery of the U.S. housing market may have relieved some of the stresses facing married couples, but the divorce rate is once again rising. Experts reportedly contribute the rise to a couple’s ability to sell their marital home, freeing up funds from what is typically a couple’s largest asset, in order to provide each spouse with the ability to move on separately.

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