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How divorce makes a case for marriage

  • 20
  • March

Imagine that you have been in a relationship with one person for several years. You have talked about marriage, but with the high rate of divorce in this country, you’ve decided that you don’t need it to have a healthy, loving relationship. Eventually you decide to buy a home together, and then you decide to have kids. Soon, however, problems start to arise. For whatever reason, you and your partner don’t see eye to eye any more. You want different things, and you can tell you are growing apart, so you decide to break up.

This scenario is increasingly common the U.S., and is one many California residents have likely experienced. What happens next, however, is where things get tricky. When a couple doesn’t get married, they do not get to divorce. And for some, the absence of a legal dissolution is very difficult to overcome.

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Before filing divorce papers, get your finances in order

  • 14
  • March

The decision to divorce is rarely made lightly. Many people spend a long time considering divorce before they make a final decision. Once the decision to divorce is made, however, it’s important to have the same consideration about your finances.

When you have to divide up the assets you and your spouse acquired throughout your marriage, it is extremely important to have a good handle on your finances. Knowing where you stand can help protect you during your divorce, and a recent article offers a few tips on how to do this.

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Michael Jordan disputes paternity suit

  • 7
  • March

As some California residents may know, the subject of paternity is often a very emotional one. Usually it involves a man wanting to know if a child is his, or the child’s mother wanting the father to be held accountable for child support. Regardless of the motive, paternity is a serious issue that not only affects the alleged parents, but the child as well.

Right now, former NBA superstar Michael Jordan is the subject of a widely publicized paternity lawsuit. A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming Jordan is the father of her 16-year-old son and asking courts to order him to take a paternity test. She is also requesting child support from Jordan and to have her son’s last name changed to Jordan. Jordan is vehemently denying the allegations. He has asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

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How to make divorce, custody easier on your children

  • 28
  • February

As many divorced California parents know, every child reacts differently to their parents’ divorce. While some find ways to be resilient, others struggle to adjust to a new way of life. Regardless of their initial reaction, however, kids should be able to maintain strong relationships with both of their parents after a divorce. As a parent, there are a few things you can do to make sure this happens.

One of the most important things you can do is keep your children out of any conflict you may have with your ex. Since you decided to get a divorce, it’s likely that some tension exists, but letting your kids in on that is not a good idea, and a recent Huffington Post article explains why.

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San Bernardino County receives award for child support services

  • 21
  • February

When we hear stories related to child support, they are rarely uplifting. Often we hear of parents who owe thousands to their children or how far behind a state is in collecting unpaid child support. Even when hear of noncustodial parents being caught or imprisoned for not paying, that doesn’t always result in payment. Today, however, we have some good news.

Last month, the San Bernardino County Department of Child Support Services was recognized for excellence in child support collection. The department received two awards: the Director’s Excellence Award and the Increased Distributed Collections Award. Both show how well our county does in collecting child support and managing cases.

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